Comic Books and a Rivet to the Head

Pt. 3 I suppose! I already posted about this on Craftster, but I sort of forgot to update it here. I keep losing track of what I've posted and what I haven't. So I posted my crude little drawing of my plans to knit a comic book page, and I've managed to so far make 2 panels.

The drawing it all started from. This was then scanned, and redrawn pixel-by-pixel in two tones in photoshop. I just resized it to the number of stitches I wanted it to be (i.e-100 pixels wide = 100 stitches wide)

The first panel in progress, with the gridded diagram behind it. All knitted on #2 circulars

Second panel finished up with the grid hanging up behind it. I still need to block these a little more, I'm just nervous to do so because the black yarn is bleeding a little bit (my own fault, I dyed it and must not have washed it out well enough.

Both of them done so far. Hopefully I can finish up this piece over winter break, I'm 2/5ths of the way there.

As a bonus, here's some 'in progress' shots from Experimental Costuming.

My two-headed boy outfit. Yes, it fits me and my friend Diana. I'm reworking the suspenders though. And trying to engineer a two-person shoe, which is proving quite difficult.

Everyone I spoke to with metals experience told me it couldn't be done, but I managed it! A 4 foot sphere made of pop-riveted spring steel. Don't pop-rivet spring steel. It's a nightmare. Drilling it alone was a nightmare. But hey! By some miracle of engineering, it worked. Next semester I'm taking Metals in Sculpture so I can learn to weld and avoided this whole problem.

Getting covered in sweaters.

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  1. Wow...just came across your blog and your comic book knitting! Amazing..can't wait to see the progress