Rusty, rusty rusty

A rusty week--both literally and figuratively. I've been scrubbing rust furiously with coke and vinegar off the bottom of a barber chair, and I've been easing back into the idea of actually having to fufill assignments.

But before all that school junk, the -final- roundup on my winter break projects.

The quilt keeps on keeping on. I swear it's going to take several years to finish the top, let alone quilt it.

The eye-ball skirt is finished! Eyes might be second below horns for motifs that I repeat a lot. Thanks to my matey Astrid for the dramatic modeling!

That placket is a total mess on the inside, but it looks pretty clean from the outside, and it works.

Hand quilted bottom hem. I'd see stuffed, quilted hems in a book of historical costumes, and I liked the way they held the shape of the skirt.

Eyeball border made with some odd upholstery trim I found at Jo-Mar.

I've also been working on these portraits since the beginning of the break, and I'm hoping I can continue to work on them in my spare time. Eventually, I'd like to make a quilt of all the characters I've ever come up with--like a giant character map.

Annnd on to work designated for school. Wood is nothing photo-worthy, learning how to hand-plane, Metals is basic mess-around welding.

Advanced Fibers--Narrative Object. The idea is to take an existing object and modify it to give it narrative, or create an object with narrative qualities.

The Sketches:

I actually really like all three ideas, and I want to do all of them eventually, but for this project, I choose Option #3, because, well, my mate Astrid found a barber chair in back of her building! How could I resist?

Here it is as of yesterday, when I was priming it. It had been sitting outside for a while, and the metal was badly rusted. No picture, but I've just finished putting the first coat of red enamel paint on it.

And Projects--Formalism

Ho boy, not my best area. Forget any and all content, context, meaning or narrative. You're only allowed to think in terms of color, form, shape, line, and texture.


Anyway, just making some stupid little samples right now, nothing interesting yet.

Exploring some ideas with color and geometric shapes.

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