New Year, New (and belated) Update

First of all, a big thanks to the folks at Crafster for putting me on their Top of 2008 List for my jellyfish skirt It's not one of my favorite pieces, but it's probably one of my most (and I hesitate to use this word) "pretty" works. But hey, I'm proud of it. So thanks!

Anyway! I've been hard at work in my mini-studio at home. And I've (finally) gotten back in the studio (to find it a wreck and covered in sawdust from construction) so I have pictures of my work from the end of the semester.


This one's mostly a secret, because it's for my Fibes Secret Santa. But I've never actually tried bargello before, thought I'd give it a whirl.

I've been playing around with the idea of starting to scale down my work--it's a lot easier to make a small mannequin with features than a full size one. So I did a test run, and made this little doll. It's a little creepy, I admit, I haven't sculpted anything in a long time. But it's a good starting point.

I'm sort of regretting my genius idea to work as small as the fabric would allow on this quilt. It's probably about 2' by 3' at the moment, I want it to be at least 4X this size at the end. Each square is about the size of a nickel. And it's all made of recycled t-shirts.

Skirt idea I'm messing around with.

I've also been working on some tiny portraits, but I forgot to get photos. Next time!

From school:

I didn't actually end up using this as part of a finished piece, but I'm quite proud of it. This is the result 60 hours of work, about $100 worth of wool, and two pairs of jerry-rigged circular needles made of dowels and monofiliment. I'm a bit pissed that the dye took different on the different wools, but otherwise I'm really pleased with this piece. The gradation worked out really well, even as I got to the heavier yarns--I was using 4 strands of comically thick, rope like wool at the end there.

My lamp, which is now sadly, covered in sawdust from the walls they put up in the studio. I was unable to hang it from the ceiling or wall as I had planned (turns out the crit-spaces wall and ceilings are made of dryway and steel girders) so I made a base, which is kind of nice, because now I can set it up where ever.

Lit and on it's pedestal

I've also finally gotten pictures of the three garments I did with Astrid (over at
Snakes and Leeches) but they have so many detail shots that I'll save them for next post. I'll leave you with my new studio set-up

I like my red flowery wall thanks.

Pokemon and President Buffington watching over me.

And on the other wall, my 'Just Pomerianians' calender.

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