Selfish Sewing (or knitting, or whatever)

After years of only really posting up my school/"art" work or stuff to sell, I feel a bit bad, posting about things I'm making for myself. Heck, I feel a bit bad even making things for myself, period. Furthermore, I'm not sure if anyone'd be interested in the not-so-special things I make to wear, but that's what I'm working on right now, so it's either share that, or let many days pass before I post at all.

Whenever I tell people what I went to school for, they always think that's so great, I must be able to make all my own clothes! But up until this summer, I didn't have a single piece of clothing that I really had any hand in at all. I was far to busy working on school work to take a little time out for myself. So I hope you will understand and forgive my selfish work right now.
Mesh scarf for the winter, using up some grey wool I frogged out of a sweater a lonnng time ago. An extension of the filet crochet mesh I was playing with earlier in the year that never really went anywhere.
It did lead to a tiny neat little sample, trying the same stitch pattern out with some white wool I had left over and felting it. I like the hand of it, and am pondering the possibilities of using it for a patch-worked sweater/jacket/cloak in several yarns and sizes.
Not actually clothing, but something I've been meaning to make for myself for some time--a needle book. I usually have needles stuck all over my pincushion, as well as lost in my sewing box, my desk, my carpet, everywhere. So it was a necessary little project.
Fancy little patchwork cover, I sort love strip-piecing simple stripes and arrowheads and things.
Last week I started with the vague idea of making a drape-front vest, based on all those cardigans I've been seeing with straight-cut fronts that drape. The yarn is a great dark purple 100% silk that I pulled out of an extremely large sweater. Also shown, two sets of double-pointed needles I picked up from Philly Aids Thrift, now I'm obligated to figure out socks/mittens.
And progress tonight, one armhole in. The second will be made in a few rows, then the other front piece. It drapes really nicely, I'm happy. Kinda want to do a longer one, but in a larger gauge yarn, this is a bit much.
And lastly, I've had these Wallabees for a season, and never wore them much. I got them because they were a great sale, but I'm not too fond of the light sandy color, plus my jeans stained them with indigo.
So I dyed them red! Fleibing's leather dye is a wonderful thing. I love red shoes, and I don't have a pair now. Much happier.


  1. How do you dye leather? The shoes look wonderful. Is your idea for the draped knit vest something along the line of the Alexander Wang draped back/cutout backed cardigans and vests?

  2. You can buy Feibings leather/suede dye at most shoe repair places. It's a brush-on dye, very easy to use.

    No, it's like those cardigans that are basically a long straight piece in the front (as though a shawl collar just kept going) that drapes down as you wear it. Once it's done, I'll take a shot with it on.