My thread gradient is done! 12 colors, and a whole lot of work un-tangling and making bobbins out of then. When I was making my skeins, it didn't seem like much thread, but as I tried to rewind it into bobbins, the amount seemed a little overwhelming. There's also a little more color variation than I would have liked, but oh well. It's all cotton, and just about the same thickness as ordinary sewing thread.
While I had the pots set up, I also dyed a gradient with this silk/wool blend yarn. It's pretty fine, a little thinner than fingering weight? I might use it for some really fine fair isle work.
And the coat itself is rolling along. The back is almost done, just have to do a small spiral at the top and bottom, then it's back to tackling the front/side area. Then it's on to lining and quilting.


  1. Your work astounds and inspires me, as usual!

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