Sick Days

I've spent the last week in various stages of sickness, recovery, and then sickness again, so not a whole lot has gone on. But I did manage to make some progress!
The skirt has been sewn together and all the cutwork cut. And I didn't cut through any of my stitching--I thought for sure it would happen. The seams also pressed flat really nicely, which I was concerned about.
Now onto outlining and cutting the bottom hem. I think that really helps pull the whole thing together. Then I'm going to half-line it (the wool it's made of is pretty scratchy) and figure out the buttons/waistband.
More grey wool! I never thought I'd say this, but I think I may have gotten too much! But at least I know I'll have enough for the coat, and patchwork always takes up way more fabric than you think.
That bag of silks also got dyed. I forgot how well silk picks up color, these are a bit darker than I had imagined. I might do a bit more silk-searching to get some lighter, brighter colors as well.
I'm starting to cut them up into little trapezoid shapes, the box is starting to fill up. This is definitely going to be an 'over time' project.

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