The Skirt Comes Together

On this particular piece I decided against a colorful lining or interior. I may later add a little bit of embroidery to the inside, but Mariah's pieces will mainly be less colorful and work-intensive than the other characters--excepting the coat which I've just begun work on, which I imagine to be a later addition to the wardrobe. Anyway, the lining is pieced from some linen and cotton bits and pieces I had about.
Nice lovely flat felled seams.
Lining installed! I'm really trying to push the level of finishing on every piece, no matter how ordinary/plain, I think it will help further along the aspect of confusion on the nature of the piece(s)--whether they are costumes, or garments meant to be worn, or pieces of fine art craftwork. I think I previously had too many 'filler pieces' that weren't particularly well done to serve to show off the more intricate pieces.
The skirt as a whole. It's pretty much complete, except that I haven't decided how to handle the closure--I'm researching passemterie techniques for buttons at the moment.
And the cut edge, which I'm very pleased with! This poor blog post has been so off-white--at least my next project will have more color.
As a rather non-serious aside I've also started up a collection of obnoxious floral embroidered tea-towels, which I'm envisioning being appliqued to....something eventually.
At the same thrift store I also found a big (about 6" high) spool of exactly the sort of buttonhole thread I like, which seems to have gotten increasingly difficult to find. It's a bit discolored, but once I use up the first layer it should be clean. This will last me a while!

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