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After being stumped by the closure issues on my horn skirt, I decided to take a little break and go back to making some Dear Jane blocks. The last one I finished--B-6--was really fiddly and difficult, and put me off for a bit. But I got on another roll.
I finished up the last 7 blocks of row B. They were all fairly quick sews, definitely easier than B-6! The bottom left one is blue and lime green, it looks a little yellow there.
Row A and B all laid out! Click to see it full sized, I tried to make a little panorama to get them all in, not sure how well I succeeded. I'm thinking I'll eventually sash them with either black or a neutral grey, not sure which yet. Still well on it's way to be the most obnoxious Dear Jane in existence.
Sketching up the coat, not quite ready to sit down and cut a million billion pieces yet.

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