So the backpack is done! I messed up on a couple spots, but I learned quite a bit, and it's not bad looking altogether. It's a little bigger than I wanted and a little floppy, and handling all the upholstery fabric got kind of difficult.
Open-I did a drawstring top because I hate putting in zippers. Always have and always will, I'll do anything to avoid them. Double ring closure for the top flap.
Back--Next time I will attach the straps to the side seams, not the bottom seam, it make the bag sit a little weirdly. The straps could use another inch in length too.
Leather bottom for added durability.

In other small project news, I found this lovely cape at the thrift store (half off all winter coats!) that needs some repairs.
Obviously it's missing a button. I'll probably just move up the bottom one, unless I can find a suitable replacement.
The other issue is that some of the fake silk satin lining has shattered/shredded, so I'll either have to patch it or replace it entirely, I haven't decided which.

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  1. that is a backpack of dreams... so incredibly modern day charm... and I love the juxtaposition of the femininity of the fabric with the more rough and tumble rucksack. <3!!