Collar Wings

I've always wanted a shirt with little wings for a collar, and I've been surreptitiously trying out different patterns to try and achieve this. My last attempt, I'm happy to say, was a success.
A lot of my other attempts didn't work because I tried to make the wings out of a single piece of fabric, and it was just too many curves, no matter how much I clipped and notched it never wanted to press flat nicely. This time around I made all the little feathers separately and attached them to the main 'wing' part. There's also a little burst of feathers at the center back.
I did run into a little issue. The fabric I used was very tightly woven, and it showed pin marks very obviously, plus I had to get a really accurate edge. I used freezer paper ironed to the fabric to both cut the pattern, then to fold back the edge, like I'm doing freezer paper applique. And *then* I basted that edge.
The wing was turned, the feathers place in a position and then also basted--lots of basting! Then topstitched around the the whole thing. I forgot to take a picture of joining it to the collar stand, but it's only actually attached at the two wing 'shoulders' and the middle back. In the 'dips' it is unattached to the collar stand--it actually lets it sit pretty nicely.
After that fiddly collar the rest of the shirt was pretty simple, just a loose sleeveless shirt based off of one I already own. Bias tape arm holes and bottom hem and two little pockets. The fabric (both of them actually) are thrift store finds, like most of the stuff I work with.
Oof this might be the least flattering picture of me I've ever taken. But you can see the bottom hem, which is curved, sort of like those 70's track shorts, and longer at the back.
Better up-close shot of the collar. Found some great real shell buttons, I like the color of them against the fabric.

I've been on a bit of a roll lately making clothing for myself, I've also hemmed up some shorts from worn out pants. But I'm also finishing up my plaid log cabin quilt, and still searching for fabric for my braid-coat.

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