Quiet Work

I haven't updated in a while--though I have been working on things. They're just mostly not-that-exciting to photograph things so I've been dragging my feet a little.

On the quilting front, I finally got tired of looking at the courthouse steps log cabin quilt I'd started. It was a little too small to cover the ratty old comforter I wanted to use it for, and I didn't want to make any more log cabin blocks. So last week I finally sat down and just used up all the left-over strips to make a quick border.
Also a thin gold border to match the centers and some gold corners because I was running out of strips. I'm laying it out here to baste it down onto the old comforter and a sheet for backing.
The quilting is nothing fancy, just some straight lines by hand. I just want to get it back on the bed as soon as I can. It's about 3/4 finished at the moment.
On the Dear Jane front, I finally ordered more fabric. I was limping along with little scraps by the time I finished Row B. Now I've got 48 fat quarters in all sorts of lovely colors.
Here's Row C, 1-4. C-4 was incredibly fiddly, and I actually had to start B-2 (the purple and orange one) over again, the first one's diamond center got all skewed.
And C-5, which was quite a process, but which actually came out really well, I think.
With the braid quilt, I've been dying absolute masses of silk. I think at this point I have way more fabric than I need to make the coat, but I just keep dying more to get more color variations. I'm shooting for 'ocean' colors, and I think the braids will be gradated from light to dark.
Right now I've ironed and am cutting the little quadrilateral shapes out of the lighter colors. I still need a few more mid/deep tones so I am holding off on those.
Bags of quadrilaterals! One is for the right side of the braid, the other is for the left. I'm trying to keep the amounts pretty even.

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