Western Wear

My new shirt is finished! And I even did the buttons and buttonholes on the cuffs (one of my last shirts, still, a year later, no sleeve buttons...I just roll them up anyway.) I'm pretty pleased with it, the collar in particular came out well, although looking at it in the photo, the pockets look a little lopsided. 
And here's me wearing it! I look a little stumpier than normal because Seamus was kind enough to take the picture for me, but he's about a foot taller than I am. Anyway, I'm happy with the fit, it's always nice to have sleeves that aren't way too long.
The back, still toying with embroidering or appliqueing something on the yoke, not sure what I'd do though. 

Collar, looking nice and sharp! And some piping on my yoke. 

And I did a little bit of a shaped cuff. Finally getting the hang of sleeve plackets, this on went together no problem. Still doing my buttonhole by hand, just like it better that way. 

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