Fabric Haul and Backpack Beginnings

Whenever I find big grab bags of fabric at thrift stores I'm powerless not to buy it. This one was a pretty good buy, a lot of nice florals, but some truly ugly novelty prints too.

The best part was this piece of halloween appliques that are so perfect and neon and weird. Seamus has already claimed the 'Happy Haunting' one for his jean jacket.
This one is my personal favorite.
I also got what I actually went to the store for--some upholstery fabric to try and make a backpack with. I haven't been able to find one that I like and am willing to pay the full price for, so I'm going to give making one a whirl.
I'm fully expected to make some mistakes here-this is a 'practice backpack.' At least the fabric didn't cost much. I'm making it in the style of the oval-bottom draw-string ruck sacks I've see around.
I've also got a method down for cutting my braid pieces, I cut strips first and then cut them into the little parallelograms that I need for the braid.
The box is filling up! Since this photo was taken, the other side is now equally as full. I still need to dye some more silks for the lining though, I'm waiting to do that before anything starts coming together.

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  1. Good to see that someone else has the "CHEAP FABRIC MUST HAVE IT!" problem! I found a market stall once doing 6 yards of African printed cottons for £5 each. Nearly fainted.