New Year, New Post

You'll be happy to know that more frequent posting is one of my New Year's resolutions. I don't normally make a list, but this year I felt compelled to. Other goals:

-Draw everyday
-Stop buying lunch at work
-Wake up at 8:00 am *every* morning (I've been having problems sleeping in too much)
-Be more socially proactive
-Make more clothing for yourself

Anyway, here's a catch-up post since Christmas.
This is really just a show-off post, look at that delicious Xmas dinner! It was just me and Seamus, nice and quiet and relaxing. I got a Kindle from him which I'm very excited about.
And he, of course, was gifted his two custom-made shirt from me. Sorry about the web-cam pictures, I haven't gotten a proper picture of him in them yet.
You may recognize the rosy cross pin, I made it for him long ago. The lizard ring was a gift this year. Anyway, it's great to see him wearing them, it's a sense of satisfaction that I don't get all that much, since a lot of my work is not 'everyday wearable.
'I also used some of my Christmas Amazon cards to get a new shelf for my studio. I'm not much for decoration so industrial steel shelves are good enough for me. I re-organized the room a bit too and I think it works better now.
Clothing rack moved into the corner, I'm much happier to have it there, it was up next to the window before and I was getting worried about things fading.
Dear Jane keeps plugging along, here's B-5 and B-6. B-6 was a beast! Definitely my least-favorite so far. So many little strips! And the colors I pulled for it (I try to pick them semi-randomly) are my old high-school sports colors.
I also finally figured out how to tie a real bowtie, and liked it enough to pattern it out and make another. (the original bowtie I actually bought for Seamus for Christmas, though he hasn't figured out the tying yet.)
Well, now I can have any color or pattern I like!

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