Triple Metallic

Primed--and that matte gray is sort of lovely in it's own right.

Top masked off to do the first layer, the sole.
Gold soles achieved, then the soles were masked off.
Uppers sprayed copper, then the wingtip details were carefully taped off.
Careeeefully removing the masking tape!
And all off! I did mess up and get some drips and chips but all in all I think they came out pretty well. I need to get some new laces though, their old black ones don't really work.

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  1. Oh my word! I usually just read you in Google Reader (thus no comments), but had to pop over to comment on this one.

    I actually recently saw a pair of vintage oxfords that 2nd to last picture (I know that's tape in the pic - but these had more silver metallic than your last pic does) and they weren't my size...

    I LOVE these so so so much!