More Neckwear and a Gift for my Gift

So after my successful yellow silk bowtie I made the other day I began to think about how to change and alter the classic bowtie (I've been playing with collars lately too, I have to remember to take photos of that) and I thought about making a bowtie with a shaped front. After a bit of fussing I think I did it.
Little wings! This fabric was not the best choice, it's a little floppy and odd but I'm rather pleased with this. More neck-wear experimentation to come.
I also made, then forgot I made, a cover for my new cherished Kindle. The ones online were awfully expensive and in stores most seemed to be made for the bigger models. This one works pretty well, I used cardboard to make it sturdy and batting to cushion it out.
The elastic on the spine side got a lit bit screwed up, if I make another I'll handle the spine differently.
Strips made with my patented "grab a few colors you like and cut them into random strips" method. Got really wobbly as I sewed them on, but I don't mind.

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