Drawing Dump

One of my other resolutions this year was to draw more, and I have, so just a quick post of some sketches and a little progress on other projects.
Playing with braid designs, and going back to Leoh's design, some of the basic components could be fixed, still want to make some decent pants.
I move my book around as I draw, sorry! Teoh, some thoughts on support garments for Mariah, based on something I saw on the Met online archive.
Mariah, wearing the skirt I'm working on now.
Thinking about outer garments using that double sided braid I made a sample of earlier, also a sketch of a tabard-type thing made of a traditional shell one-patch design.
I also did a thrift-store run, $30 gets you quite a bit of stuff. Most of this is for my student's 'thrift remix' project this semester, but the grey wool pants and white twill collared shirts are for my own work.
The pants have already been disassembled into chunks of fabric, I think these will become that braid-coat I sketched above.
And the cut-work skirt is continuing, I'm about halfway through the 3rd piece of it.

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  1. If you want to draw more, have you thought about starting a doodle diary? I did this as a new month resolution back in September. All you need is a sketchbook (A5 or smaller is best so it's portable) and a date stamp. Date every page of the sketchbook as a new day, and then draw away! The shame of having blank pages encourages you to draw.

    I made a quilted cover for mine so I could protect it when I take it out.