Cutwork Begins

Since my five-year-old Macbook Pro finally started to bite the dust, I sucked it up and bought a new laptop, so if my images look a little strange, bear with me, this screen seems really different than my old one.
I got a Lenovo x120e, I would have loved another Macbook, but all I really used it for was Netflix, the internet, and fixing up images, so I think this one will do just fine for that. It's very sturdy too, which was my main concern, I would be frightened to lug around a Macbook Air.
The four pieces of the new skirt have been cut out of the boiled wool welding trousers, and the bottom pattern has been traced on. I've begun to do the buttonholing and bars now, and I know I shouldn't, but I did cut out one just to take a peek at how it looks.
Promise I won't cut the rest until it's all done! Please with the effect so far though.
Also got the design for the braid finished. I think I'll see how the horns look on their own though before I decide on it, now I'm wondering if that will be too much.
I also got the supplies to make over this pair of Dansko oxfords. I love their chunky shape (reminds me a bit of the Prada platform oxfords that I'll never be able to afford) but I already have one pair of black lace-ups, and I honestly don't wear much black, so I'm going to give these a metallic finish! Just have to wait for a day when it doesn't look like it could rain any second.

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