A Quick DIY and Progress on the New Project

I've been seeing shiny little collar tips and embellishments for a while now, and kept saying "Ah, what an easy DIY!" So I finally put my money where my mouth is and did one up on a plain denim shirt I thrifted a while back. I'm pretty pleased with it, and it was quick, only a few hours' work.
And I'm finally pushing forward on my next narrative piece. I'm keeping it fairly simple, I find in the past it was the basic garments that maybe got a little neglected, so I'm trying to really consider them this time. The boiled wool welding pants are going to become a very simple A-line skirt with cut work lace around the bottom.
Wow, I was so, so certain I had posted this sample a while ago when I made it, but I just went to link it and apparently I hadn't. Okay, so this is why I need to post more frequently. Anyway, this is the technique (basic buttonholed cutwork) that I want to use to create the pattern around the bottom of the skirt.
Other samples that I swore I had already discussed. Hmm. Maybe it was just on Tumblr? Very excited about the braid, it's double sided, I think there's going to be a really interesting strip-built cloth application for it eventually.
See? So it can be colored on one side, and not on the other, or different patterns, ect. Not sure whether I want to use the technique with whites (cotton/linen) or dark wools. Might be interesting for a religious outfit in whites.
Drafting out the skirt pattern, I've got the bottom horns pretty well figured, now I'm working with the braid above. Also a little sketch, you can see I'm already thinking about those double-sided braids.
And I made a hat, which sadly ended up too small for my head, thankfully it's just frogged yarn so I have plenty more, I'll probably try again. Pattern is Gingerbread Hat from Ravelry.

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