Irish Chaining

Two more Dear Jane blocks down--here's C-12 and C-13. Pretty easy ones, the little half-square triangles on C-13 were fiddly, but not too bad. Now I'm on to row D, almost a quarter of the way through (the main blocks, then all those triangles!)
I was generously gifted/purchased lots of little floral scraps from various lovely quilting ladies on my Yahoo quilt groups, and since quite a bit of them were already cut into 2" squares, I cut the rest down into that as well. I'm going to try to make it into a colorwashed Triple Irish Chain.
Figuring out the color variations, and how many blocks of each I'll need. 

Starting to sew them together, it's amazing how fast things go together when you're using a sewing machine. Sometimes it's a nice break from all the hand work I end up doing.

If this post seems quilt heavy, no worries. I'm also still working on the braids for my jacket, but the progress isn't very interesting looking at the moment. I've also purchased some heavy-duty wool felt that I'm tooling around with to make some shoes/boots. I've missed making them!

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