Things are Growing

Somehow all the projects I've got active now involve tiny patchworking. After this I really need a knitting or crocheting or even embroidering project. 
The color wash quilt is growing. I don't think I quite realized how big I was making it. I believe the finished size I plotted for was 94.5" by 105" which is way, way bigger than any of my other quilts, but I did want one that fits both me and Seamus underneath. But still, laying out on the floor, it feels huge already. Not totally sure how I'm going to baste this one together, I might have to bring it to school. 

More Dear Jane blocks, I brought them home on my little Jersey vacation. These are D-4 to D-9. I'm slowly getting better at the applique blocks, though I don't think it'll ever be my favorite technique. 

Another double-sided braid strip is finished. I need to start casting about for a strip or ribbon-like material to join them together. Maybe a matte grosgrain ribbon? I'm not sure. 

And the interior, looks like one is off by a strip or two, I'll have to check that out. I love the gradient effect so far though. I'm feeling like it might be a little shorter than I'd like, it was hard to tell with just a single strip. I think at this point, I'll get them all to this length, so I can get a better idea of how it will look (and see if I have any pieces left) and then decide if I want it longer. 

My fabric for the jumpsuits has been ordered, I decided to keep it basic with a cotton broadcloth. I would have liked to use rayon twill because it dyes and drapes so well, but I was a little afraid it would be too tricky to sew, and might fray through the dye-baths. Once that gets here I'll be cutting and sewing lots of jumpsuits, and probably make another sample. 

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