Bad Planning, Bad Luck

I was so, so close to finishing my cloud pants--and everything had gone so well--when I broke my last sewing machine needle putting the belt loops on. And despite living in a major city, there is no close convenient store that sells them (well, there is a place on Fabric Row, but the guy there was super rude and I won't go back) So I placed an order online and am waiting for them to arrive. I am happy to say that the cloud-pattern on the cuffs actually worked out better than I had planned, and the pattern wraps around the seams smoothly!
So to keep busy in the meantime, it's back to some hand-work. I've continued quilting on the the Irish Chain quilt, and also banged out some more Dear Jane blocks. These are D-3--7. D-7 I totally messed up, it's meant to be an 8-point star, but I attached the flying geese the wrong way around, and did not realize it until I'd gotten three of them on. Oh well, we'll see if it bother me, I can always re-do it. 
I also bought some big XL shirts at the thrift store to use for fabric, they were gutted and cut apart, and this one I've combined with a floral fabric I had hanging around to make a short sleeved western shirt. The light sage green fabric will become the piping on the shirt. It's all cut and ready to go once I get my new needles. 
These two shirts have been cut apart too, but haven't figured out what I'll do with this yet. The front pieces are not quite big enough to cut new fronts out of, so there's going to have to be some patchworking involved here. 
Did some drawing too. With my tax refund safely in hand, it's time for a new tattoo I think (lest you think I'm impulsive, it's also contributing towards a new mattress, which is very practical and desperately needed.) So I'm still sketching up some ideas. The top one I think may be too detailed, the bottom one not enough, we'll see. 

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