Short Things

Lety-RZ's super-deluxe jumbo prize package is on it's way to Texas! Hope you enjoy the miscellaneous odds and ends I've included! 

Another cat means another cat bed (yes, exciting, I know) Wharton's an enormous cat, so I made him a larger, rectangular bed. He likes it, although they steal each other's beds pretty frequently. 
I've also been on a shorts kick. Again, while I'm not pledging to be totally 'no-buy' for spring clothes, I'm trying my best to see things I like, and replicate them rather than buy them. Not that I've see cloud-themed shorts anywhere. This one was my idea. The top stitching a little wonky, but overall I'm pretty happy so far. 

Yes, I did the front pocket area too. I'm still not sure if I'll also do the bottom hem with a cloud pattern. Making it line up at both seams won't be fun, but I'm working on it. 
Don't think I've forgotten about my Irish Chain quilt, either. Any time I'm out in the living room I'm working on quilting it. You can't really see it, since it's diagonal lines through the patterned 'chains' of the quilt, but I'm nearly finished with that part. Then to figure out what to put in the gray squares. You can see one of them has a circle quilted on it, I'll probably do that in all of them, then I'm thinking maybe doing a different flower motif inside each one? Not sure yet. 


  1. That pocket detailing is fantastic. Only you could match those lines up that precisely. Good for you with the making instead of buying, does this mean you'll be making your own Dries linen whiteworked blazer?

  2. The shorts look too cute, love them.


    I posted about it here:

    THANK YOU!!! <3 <3