Old news/New news

So in order to catch up with what I've been doing this last year, I'm going to have to post some old pieces inbetween what I'm doing now.

Let's start with the Newest Old News

Last semester, the Junior and Seniors of the Fibers department were participating in a competition sponsored by the Philadelphia Flower Show. The only parameter was to make a garment that was "Over the Top" for a floral designer to be inspired by. Well, they worked on it for about a month, and after seeing their nearly finished garments, our advisor decided, for whatever reason, to open it up to Sophomore students as well. With 2 weeks until the due date. Needless to say, my class of masochistic over-acheivers pulled out all the stops and made some absolutely amazing work. And 4 of us got into the Flower Show! Including my piece, the Multi-Purpose-Ultra-Neon-Skee-Ball-Ski-Suit:

Some mystery fabrics lovingly referred to as "Tennis Ball," "Caution Tape" and "Magenta Fleece"
And it's stuffed with anything and everything I could get my hands on in the studio. I emptied both scrap bins into it, then started in on the balls of yarn in the yarn waste bin.
5" thick at it's broadest point
15 lbs.
Bust: 34"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 39"
Includes: Overdress, Shift Dress, Dickey, Shoes, Leggings, Tights, Hat

And now some New News

I'm currently running the gauntlet for school right now, since our current assignment requires us to make 12 pieces for the final critique this Thursday. The problem was to take a material you hate (shower curtain vinyl, in my case) and one you love (t-shirts) and make 12 objects, 4 of one, 4 of the other, and 4 made of both.

It's an okay assignment if you're a ceramics major, they're used to throwing 30 pots in a week, but since I didn't want to constrain myself to small samples, I'm stuck with the task of making 12 tank tops. But I think I'll make it, here's some in-progress shots of my favorite technique--quilted shower-curtain stuffed with shredded t-shirts.

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