Ran the Gauntlet (New News)

And now for present tense. I had my Love/Hate critique today. 6 hours of 30 people presenting 12 objects each. And me on far too little sleep after scrambling to finish last night/early morning. Most people only did small samples, some didn't even make 12. The teachers were being ridiculously easy on some people. I miss last semester with Don and Walter--they would call you out for bad craftmenship in an instant. Well, then again, maybe I didn't miss them for this one, these were probably the most shoddily done pieces I've done in a while. Still, a few good ideas came out of it that I can come back to later.

Anyway, here's my 12, I ended up using most of one wall in the Crit Space:

Enjoy some slightly blurry pictures I took at 1 am as I was setting up for the crit.

Ah, this one came out terrible. But the orange blob looks a bit more like a shag run made of zinnias in real life. The patchwork one is made entirely out of the bottom bands of the t-shirts, and was really fun to produce.

I wish the backing fabric hadn't shown through as much on the scale piece, it stretched a bit more than I anticipated. And the braided one is based on a full dress I did a while back out of red t-shirts, perhaps that'll be the next Old News.

The piece on the left here is probably my most interesting--it's quilted shower curtain stuffed with t-shirt fabric that's been shredded until it was almost powder. It really starts to look like a pigment, I was really pleased with the effect. If I can shoehorn it into a future assignment, I'd love to do a really nice, tailored raincoat with some sort of elaborate design with this sort of technique.

So that's done, now I'm invested in my Constructed Surface project, where I'm donning a lab coat and attempting to make a dress and cover it in rock candy. Small scale experiments to be conducted tomorrow night.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Eric. Your 12 garments looks fantastic. I'm loving the textures. Where are you studying? Feel free to email me on dervinbatarlo@hotmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook.

    Hope you're cool.