Science in Progress

Rock Candy Mountain Dress, take one.

After finding out there are about 20 different techniques for producing rock candy, I'm doing the scientific thing and running an experiment with each 'recipe.' The curious thing is, most of the recipes contridict each other--some say to stir, others to absolutely not stir, some want you to boil the mixture, others say not to.

In any case, tonight felt like chemistry class and sticky.

The Laboratory/Dye Room.

Rock-Candy Samples--or at least, they will be, now they're syrupy liquid and string samples--they're in warm water so they cool slower, it's supposed to help crystal growth.

My first attempts didn't crystalize, they just got extremely stiff.


  1. ugh erica this sounds totally exciting. not to mention that the name just breaks my heart, it is so so cute!

  2. i hope this works!
    (stumbled across here via your clamshell jacket at crafster that i am completely in love with)

    i used to make rock candy a lot and the temperature of the air and of the water have a lot to do with the fruit of your labor.