Napkins and Shoes

Two very different projects in focus this week. Some napkins and placemats for the Crafts Banquet, and attempting some better-crafted shoes.

First, some background on the banquet--it's, of sorts? that the Crafts department puts on. All us students have to make everything to serve the food in or on--cups, bowls, forks, glasses, baskets, ect. We also have to make all the food and bring it in. So I'm not sure exactly who it's a party for, but, I'm not going to get into that. Our theme this year was 'The Brother's Grimm"

So, given that we were encouraged to make things practical for food service, napkins and placemats seemed to be about all I was capable of and had time for. I printed a few yards of fabric with a neat little repeat I drew up of objects seen alot in fairy tales--rings, cups, crowns, coins, ect.

Cutting them into appropriately napkin-and-placemat size.

Sewn into napkins--I made a few sets of green ones with print border, and a few vice-versa. There are placemats to match, though I didn't take a picture of them.

Rolled up and ready to go! I'll bring my camera to the actual banquet and try and get some pictures.

First I carved out the soles--I quickly realized that the leather I had was way, way harder than it was supposed to be, and I did not have any of the correct tools. (I still don't) So this was incredibly painstaking to do with an X-Acto knife.

Uppers cut and starting to be sewn. My terrible assortment of tools on display.

Attaching inside sole to the upper--normally, this would be done with a double needle stitch, but the sole parts holes were just not big enough. So it's not quite as secure as I would like.

Trying it on after I started sewing on the welt.

Sewing the welt in.

I'm now attempting to get to this point with the other shoe--then we'll see.


  1. The print on the napkins is really fun. How much total yardage did you print?

  2. 3 or 4 yards, I think. I still have some chunks, if you want any.

  3. gimme an email at, if you pay shipping, I'll be happy to send it out.