Picture Catch-up

Got a few pictures off of my camera--I need to take pictures of a bunch of other things too, but I let the camera battery die.

Here is the finished (nearly) arm guards that go with the chainmail headpiece. Just need to attach the 'gloves' to the undergarment--I originally want them to attach to the arm guards, but it made it too inflexible.

Apparently my camera doesn't do to well with strong backlighting! But hey, you can see the details on the armguards, so that's nice.

Laid out, you can see the little leather 'joints' that connect the three sections. Also the 'eye' detail on the elbow, which I liked.

I really kind of love the d-ring closure. It's low tech enough that I don't think it clashes against the rest, even though it's sort of a modern closure--at least, I haven't seen anything pre 1940's with it?

The jacket under the head and arm pieces is actually the one that I've been working on--obviously it looks a bit different open than closed. Still working on quilting it.

Where the quilt goes--it'll continue up the sides and be secured with brads eventually. This is the clothing chest for Leoh's clothing (the head piece, armguards, undershirt, coat, and pants, leggings and shoes to be made)

I wanted the top of the chest to be a seat, so I anchored a felted sweater to it with studs I pulled out of an old chair.

The finished, stuffed seat, and the beginnings of the wood carvings that will go on either side.


  1. So your making a complete set of soft amour? Thats awsome! I like your idea for lining your holding trunk.