Strappy Legs

Feel like I've been working and working lately, and not getting anywhere--or at least not getting there fast enough. No idea how it's all going to come together before the costume show, especially now that I need a few more pieces to make the performance come together. And I need to find a model! I'll put flyers up tomorrow night, but I'm not sure how I'm going to find one by the rehearsal on Tuesday. A distinct fear of failing wretchedly is beginning to manifest.

Aside from my anxiety, I also finished up my shoes and made some legs.

Just added the buckle, and started to wax the suede.

Giving them a try-on. Pretty comfortable, though they're too big for me.

Cutting out the leg-guard-spat-thingys, and adding the suede straps.

Put a little stretchy gusset area to stretch over the shoe.

Giving it a little try-on over my pants as I was working on it.

Trying on with the shoes and the (unfinished) pants that go with them. They're actually fairly comfortable, and extremely warm.

Not bad to move in, either.

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  1. those are really cool, and that their two separate pieces makes me like them more.