More Pictures than you can shake a stick at.

Upon urging, I've started a Tumblr that will be a dump for my many ridiculously unorganized folders full of reference pictures, inspiration, and other things that get sorted under "stuff I like"

Also, I have some much photos from my rehearsal that show the detail of Leoh's outfit much better, even if I do look dumb in them. Also some shockingly good pictures from the performance itself.


Surprisingly enough, people seemed to want the leg pieces to wear themselves more than any other piece.

Hurray! The quilting shows on the black side! All my work was not for nothing~

My head piece is rather twisted--but I think it's interesting that the whole thing still looks rather slim from the back. It also makes me have a weird stance.

Lookin' dumb.

And the actual performance. Which went completely amazingly. No one can stop saying how perfect the model was for the piece, and I agree--thanks Jessica! Fantastic job.

I have the video from the performance as well, but we're having trouble getting it off the DVD with audio intact. I have it without though, and may upload that soon.

Camera is still AWOL...the chances of finding it at this point seem slim. Bummer.


  1. missing camera......again? I think that thing might just be a frequent runner. The shoes are definitely the most everyday wearable part of the outfit, they be super kawii, but I'll tell you what, if i had that jacket it would be in heavy closet rotation.

  2. Hey! I had a lot of fun reading your blog. I've always admired your stuff on Craftster. You do good work.