Sorry for the lag in posting--My laptop went FUBAR and my digital camera seems to have disappeared, making updating difficult. The laptop will be picked up tomorrow, but the digicam is still you may be dealing with some Mac Photobooth pictures in the near future.

But for now--I'm taking the photographic images of my work and turning them back into illustrations. It allows me to put them in a context without actually building anything (which I am rapidly concluding I'm not very good at.) It also makes sense that since the work starts as drawings, it should really come back to them eventually. Sadly, my illustration skills have suffered as a result of focusing on fibers, but I'm giving it my best shot.

The original photo.

Sketching out the character.

Sketching out the background. It was helpful to have the perspective in the photograph to work off of--that's my weakest point, I think.

Putting it together, drawing out the lineart. Done on translucent marker layout paper with a plain ol' micron.

I did flat computer colors this time because I'm on a short deadline, I'd like to do one in watercolor soon.


  1. if that's a mason jar + candles + olde timey rope garland in the background, your final project can be to make me one. :|

  2. Are you going to make a lot of different shots into cartoons? like your crazy jumping-neon-play-toy dress?

  3. Julie: Sort of? It's a jar-lamp, I imagine it's illumination is a bit more magical than a candle, but I've been working with LEDs to try and make a working one.

    Ross: The illustrations are really only for this body of work (Of characters existing in this particular world) so I don't think I'll be going back and doing anything similar with my older pieces.

  4. Wow...just been looking through your blog and some of the things you've made, your just so crazy talented its well crazy. I tried to find an 'about me' page but you don't have one, you can't post amazing work like this and not dish out some deets !!!!

    following your blog now, look forward to see more skillz