belatedly yours

So I have a camera, sort of. It's not great, but it'll work for now, and it was free. So what have been up to?

Well, I meticulously deconstructed four thrift store tweed jacket into the giant pile of tweed you see here.

Then cut them into strips like you see here.

They will eventually be turned into a cape, something like what you see here. At least, I want to get a woven effect with them.

Been looking at a lot of fair isle again (look at my tumblr!) lately, so I'm starting a small piece to play around with. Here's the chart.

And so far!

I've also been trying to draw more, in general, and to get some design ideas better laid out.

Working out Mariah's undergarments.

In progress.

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  1. Your illustrations are always so beautifully done. Your woven cape looks like its going to take forever, but I'm sure you'll get it done in a week or two.