Little Bit Better

Expect the pace of this blog to pick up again, now that I'm back in school. The sheer pace of it, after a month of lazing around, is feeling a little overwhelming, but it's also ensuring I'm not slacking off at all. I only hope my restfulness over break was a needed respite and not an indicator of my post-graduation work ethic. Or perhaps the winter's just making me depressed. In any case.

Yay, there's the finished shirt and vest. Tried it on my mate Allie who I really hope can wear it in the end, it looks really good on her. The only issue is it's a little snug, so I know I'm going to have to make the undergarments really thin, so there's little bulk. Also I'll have to make an underskirt, the skirt I'm working with would be inappropriately short.

Currently working on the neck-piece for the shirt. This, along with the arm-bands, will probably be what goes to Korea in the summer, our piece for that had to be smaller than 12x12x12" and, well, it's a little hard to get a garment into those dimensions.

With a scarf running through it. I'm trying to decide now what to embroider on the little disc in the center, I'd like to do some really fine work, it's a small space, so I can take my time.

And a little sketch I did a while ago. Can't seem to draw those feather-leggings though, haha.


  1. Maybe a map? I'm thinking this after watching the hunchback of notre dame, but it kinda goes with your post apocalyptic theme.

  2. oh erica, i cannot wait to see your show. i really can't. good luck to you!