End in Sight?

Getting there with Lireinne. Neckpiece is mostly done, and the cloak is pieced together. Senior show is sneaking up in the most terrible way, giving me some awful anxiety, but I'll unload about that some other time.

Embroidery on the neck piece is done, now I'm just working on the white "scarf" that runs through it, probably will do some cut work on that, make it lacy.

You can see the scarf/tie better here.

And a whole shot, legs and all! The black skirt will probably have some openwork on it at some point.

And some frighteningly bad shots of the cloak. For some reason, even though it's lit just fine, the crit space takes terrible photos at night.

It's basically a lone star quilt pattern, but with two diamonds omitted to make it less than a full circle, and a hole in the middle as a neck hole.



I'm not sure right now if I'm going to leave them as points, or fill in the spaces with more fabric to make a more round shape. Or possibly make another layer underneath this one. Thoughts?


  1. well this is turning out just great. I say round out the points on the cape, it looks a little floppy right now. :-) Soooo good!

  2. Wow, Erica. This is really taking form. I hope you can see how much progress you've made here, its like you are continuing to fill in the blanks where I didn't realize there were any! See you soon.

  3. This is looking gorgeous. :)
    ~sarah b