Cloak Progress

Cloak Status: Lining is dyed, and quilting has begun!

After helping many many high school students to dip-dye their kimono in Saturday school, my fear of ombre went away, and I began to see it's allure. And it stuck in my head, until I found a place for it in the lining of this cloak.

Unfortunately, actually doing it, I was reminded of why exactly I was afraid of it. I ended up dying it twice to get a peach I liked, and dip-dying it twice to get a deeper pink on the ends. I honestly wanted it to fade to a more raspberry color, but cotton flannel doesn't take dye very strongly.

And a much better picture of the outer 'lone star' patchwork.

With the first lining piece tacked in:

I'm not joining them before quilting them if only because everything is slightly irregular, and it'll be easier to adjust them this way.

And as it sits on the manny. I'm not going to "fill in" the points, I've decided, but will be making a knit "under cloak" that will fill it in, I think it'll add another good layer, and gives me a good reason for a knit collar. The under cloak will probably button in and be removable. I've started it, but it looks like very little at the moment.

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  1. So your going to knit a harness like contraption the will both warm the wearers neck, and hold the cloak securely? cool.