not that much to update on

Still trudging away at bigger projects, but between the field trip this week, working on the senior show website, and finishing my 12" by 12" piece, not that much progress was made.

The 12" by 12", finished except for the wooden 'neck' that it'll eventually sit on. After losing the original 'tie' for it (which you can see unfinished in a few other pictures) I was forced to madly complete this one, which is a crochet mesh (the basis for filet crochet)It looks okay, but I'm not used to crochet, and my wrist is still hurting me.

Continuing with the quilted cape.

The class had a workshop on indigo batik, and I'm in charge of making up the samples into a quilt to be raffled off. Now if only people would get the rest of the fabric to me!

Picked up this rather mangy fur coat of unknown animal, I'm slowly taking it apart, but I have to be very carefully, the leather is very brittle.

The inside was a mess of basting stitches and dust.

Some of the chunks as I take them apart.

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  1. If you are at all wondering, I suspect that fur is just dyed rabbit pelts. It has a similar consistency to a fur ushanka I own.