Photo Practice

As you may have noticed from reading this blog, I am completely awful at taking photographs. This comes from a long tradition of only owning outdated, shitty cameras, and never really having an interest in photography growing up. As a result, I'm terrified of good camera and, as much as I attempt to learn what the settings do, still end up futzing with everything until I completely screwed up and have to start over.

Anyway, this week's futzing with one of the photo departments E500's. They look far and above anything I've taken so far, so I'm happy.

And my homework, working with my own camera (Powershot 570) I was working with the natural light in my studio, and I think it may have been a little bright.

They may not be particularly good, but they're better than most of my pictures, that's for sure.

The final documentation for my work I think is going to take the form of something like Aitor Throup's website.


  1. I want the white shoes, they look like one could hop on a cloud and fly away!

  2. wow the first one is amazing :p cool to see it from start-ish to finish, the texture is epic. the pictures are nicely taken if i say so myself :p