New Work You Say??

Well, a little bit at least.

Finally rounding the bend on Lirienne's shirt. I left it sleeveless at the end of the summer, and never had time to pick it up during the semester. Now it's all but done, just needs buttons, which I'd really like to make of brass or carved wood.

I'll get a picture on a mannequin as soon as I can, it looks a bit odd skewed out like that. The sleeves will have a band around them, so make them more poofy than bell-shaped.

Collar and button placket. I had to insert fabric on either side, as the piece shrunk a bit when I sewed in the gussets. There will eventually be a tie or cravat sort thing.

I like doing buttonholes by hand, it feels nice to make something so solid.

Got the feather fair-isle off the needles. I think rather than using it as a neck piece, I'm going to felt it and turn it into two arm warmers (probably for Lirienne as well)


  1. If that shirt is done all by hand, I might shit myself. That's crazy, and super beautiful! awesome work!

  2. yea it feels nice to do holes..