Graphing and Drawing and Knitting.

So the vest is now cleaned up around the edges, with a braided trim to neaten things up.

And around the sleeve and side seam.

The lining is starting to go in, it's only on the back right now. Is this the way you're supposed to do a lining? Absolutely not, I should construct it and then put the whole thing in, but honestly, since this was woven in shape and it's so thick, I feel like this is more accurate in the end, I can adjust as I go. Plus the lining is a little bit of a patchwork, I didn't have any one piece of linen big enough to cover the whole space.

Now the vest is supposed to be a bit of a hand-me-down garment, so I felt like a super detailed lining wouldn't be appropriate, but an ornamental pocket, add later, perhaps given as a present, would make more sense. It had been a while since I knitted anything, so I decided to try out some knitted color work. There's surprisingly little knit work in my garments so far, despite the fact that it's an easily recyclable technique.

More sketches, lots of little pixels.

Trying both designs out.

Came out pretty nice, very geometric, mirrors the diagonal striping of the vest itself.

And the second, which is more pictorial.

I like both, but I feel like they don't have the level of detail or workmanship that I'd like. I'd love to do a much much finer knit, but I don't have any needles under a 1. I may end up simply doing an embroidered one, and maybe felt these and keep them.

I've been keeping on the drawing, I need to get back into practice big time. This week was 're-figuring out how to use a brush for inking' time.

Doing some watercolor too. Not very exciting to do color on my design sketches because everything is black, white, and gray.

I ended up using this one as a color tester, but the lines are kinda nice.

I've also started drawing out what I hope will be my winter jacket/cloak. It's difficult for me to put aside that much time and effort for a piece of clothing that's actually for me, and not a part of my work, but I feel like I deserve it.

The outer fabric will be either a grey wool flannel or a marled grey sweatshirt fabric. The lining will be a diamond patchwork of plaid flannel shirts, quilted through to the front. Hopefully. We'll see, I'm going to go root around at Jomar tomorrow.


  1. The combination of colour and pattern on the fair isle pieces are wonderful. The second water colour "Tester" is ....(enter word that sounds both witty and art minded). So what are you making pieces (clothing) for?

  2. Art, I make them for art.

    No seriously, that's pretty much it without getting into a detailed explanation of my thesis, which was posted a while back. I only scratched the surface with what I had for my senior show.

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  4. Are you continuing into a masters degree, where you're continuing your concentration, or are you just working for yourself no longer working within the limits of education? I know that you make your garments for art with a strong narrative, I wanted to know if they were for an upcoming gallery presentation or what not.

  5. I'll eventually get my masters, but right now I'm far too broke. And if I want to do that, I need a strong portfolio of work so they will give me money to do so. Thus the continued work.

    plus I could never stop in any case.

  6. yeah, I kinda doubt you would ever stop adding to the etheral world which you are constructing though your elaborate costumes (Easiest term to use for the majority of the work you post) and installation (IE: The door to nowhere). I really want to see all your work in one gallery, in a presentation style where it looks like a room from the era/world your narrative comes from.