Unanticipated Hiatus

For the last few weeks, I've been simultaneously moving and preparing to teach my first class. Not a great excuse for not updating this for over a month, but that's all I've got. To be honest, it left little time to work on my own artwork anyway, so there wouldn't be a whole lot to show. It's still bound to be a little slow right now, the class is taking up a lot of my time, and work is very stressful right now.
But on the bright side, now I have my own space to work in, and that's a beautiful thing.
And all my work is actually hanging nicely and not squashed into a tote bin. Somethings have not weathered the storage as well as others, but what can you do? I might try to wash some of it, I think they'd be alright in a 'delicate' cycle.
I also have a new workhorse. I finally ponied up the money for a new/old sewing machine, the one I was using was almost more trouble than it was worth. It's a Bernina 732, like the 730, but it's just a straight-stitch/zig-zag machine, no special stitches. Which is fine by me, I never use them. So far it's been a perfect little tank.
To test it out I made a very stupid little vest, it's made of denim-weight twill, and the machine had zero trouble ripping through it.
Just for laughs, and to test out the machine's topstitching, I used a Hong Kong finish on just about every part of it.
I mean really it's pretty unnecessary, but fun to do, especially with a contrasting floral.

I got one of my crocheted meshes to felt down really well. I was really shooting to erase the "crocheted" aspect of it, to just leave a felt mesh, and with this piece I think I got there.
The other chunks were somewhat less successful--one must have had some acyrlic or nylon in it, it got all crinkled and weird.

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