Class is Out

Done with teaching Summer Institute! It was a lot of fun, but also a major challenge, and just a whole lot to do while still working full time at the shoe store. But now I've got my free time back, and my shiny new studio, so I'm getting back into it.
I think I've got my shirt-making skills down just about pat now, I'm very pleased with how this shirt came out! I found all three awful/wonderful fabrics at the thrift store, they work so well together. This picture was taken at about 80% completion, I hadn't sewn on the cuffs or done the buttons. It's done now and I've worn it several times, I need to take a good finished picture.
This was actually my first sleeve placket! It's a little lopsided, not too bad though. And just look at all that piping.
Matched up the stripes just to be cool like that. The new machine is a fantastic topstitcher! I'm still a little wobbly, but so, so much better than usual for me.

I put the log cabin blocks that have been sitting around a while together. I'm sick of making them, so I'm just going to make some borders (probably piano keys or string blocks) to make this bigger and finish it. I'll most likely use this to cover another ratty comforter and tie it.
I also recently found this big filet-net lace table cloth at the thrift store, and I'm rather painstakingly removing all the worked lace so I'm left with a giant piece ( or at least some long strips, if taking out the tight woven part in the middle is too difficult) of filet net mesh. I'm thinking it'll go towards a shift dress to go under the leather-braid coat.
I'm thinking it'll go towards a shift dress to go under the leather-braid coat. Which I've also started back to work on.
I was a little stalled out on it for a while because I was beginning to run out of leather, and wasn't sure if I should go light on the leather braid and try to finish it, or try and find more. But another awful XXL black trench coat jumped out at me from the thrift store (which turned into this pile of leather) so I'm back on the case, and now I can make it a braided as I want. I also found a few yards of nice cotton velvet in an olive color, not sure what I'm doing with that yet.
And just for fun, since I don't post much of myself here, I also got a great navy blazer at the thrift store as well! And new glasses (but not from the thrift store)

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