Strawberry Pants

So I made up a pant muslin out the the pattern I posted last time. And, to my amazement, all was well. I even managed to get the fly together with only a little bit of difficulty. As much as I feel guilty sewing for myself, I feel a little validated--in the last month I've picked up how to do sleeve plackets and zip flies. I really want to work on bound buttonholes next.
But I can't wear pants made out of muslin, so I made up a pair out of this awesome cotton twill gifted to me long ago by my teacher Chrissy Day. Stripes and strawberries. Of course!
The fly was a little more unwieldy in this fabric than the muslin, but I think I did fairly well.

I did purposely line up the stripes on the butt gusset (is there a name for that piece of fabric?) I didn't on the waist band though, sort of wish I had.
The insides are pretty darn good for me (for machine sewing--I'm super controlled with my hand sewing but I lose it at regular machine sewing sometimes.)
And here they are on me! Pretty good fit--I think next time I'll dart or curve the waist band though, it gaps a little at the most of the pants I buy anyway.

I've also gone back to the filet net, and am ripping, ripping, ripping away at the lace.

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  1. Butt gusset--I think you mean the piece between the body of the pants and the waist band. It's a yoke, not yolk, and it's a great way to add some shaping to your derriere.