Purple Pants, Red Scarf

I've been working on my leather braid coat, but it doesn't look like much progress, so I haven't taken another picture of it. But in the meantime I've also started a few small projects.

I've started this scarf now, because on size 1 needles, it is going to take a very long time to finish. But I love a good cable, and this yarn is super super soft. It's a wool/cashmere blend I found still in it's original skein at a thrift store for a couple bucks. This one's just for me.
I dyed a pair of jeans to this...orchid? color. They were originally a light tan/off white, but I didn't realize when I bought them online that they had a 'stain effect' on them. It wasn't noticeable in the pictures, but it was sure noticeable on the pants, and it didn't look cool, it jsut looked stained. Dying it made them just about disappear.
I also traced out a basic jean/pant pattern from a pair that had ripped. The only tricky part was that the pants had stretched out quite a bit, so they were a little warped. I'm hoping to make a muslin soon to test out the fit.
I also found this book on Seminole Patchwork, which I've been really interested in!

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