Ice Dying and Shibori

So that plain white shirt from the last post has now turned into this! I'm super pleased with how the ice-dying came out, I will definitely be trying it again. 
I sort of want to do it again on a shirt that I didn't just throw together in a few hours, the collar's a bit messed up. 
The marbled effect is so cool! Also it's good to see the cotton broadcloth dyes so well, that's what the kid's jumpsuits are made of. 

We also did Shibori dying in class on Wednesday, these are some of the samples I made up. I love the gradation that the Thiox gave to that purple piece, I really want to dye a whole shirt that way. 

Some of the kid's samples. A lot of green this year!

I also dyed a chunk of silk in the ice-dye bath, it took the color a little darker. This I'll cut up and give a piece of to each student. 

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