Shoe Things

First, we need a model foot. I used the same method I used years ago to make big doll mannequins, just wrapping my foot in first saran wrap, then clear tape. You then cut it off your foot (or your arm, or your whole body) and tape it back together, then stuff!

And you're left with a lovely model foot. Much easier then trying to draw on a mockup while it's still on your foot. Which is what I did for a solid evening until I realized making a dummy foot was a much smarter idea. You can also draw centerlines and things on a dummy, it's not quite so easy to do on your own body part. 

Anyway, I've been using it to play around with some shoe-shapes. I like to make mock-ups out of wool, it has some body to it and you can just butt it together to add pieces to your pattern. I think the final version will be partially wool, part leather. I'm thinking about quilting the two together, may work on some samples of that tonight. 

From the side, I'm going to have to see when I cut this stuff apart if I can cut that side piece as one with the bottom or not. Lots of trial and error right now. 
The basic form came from this strange little slipper I found a year or so ago. If there's one thing I love, it's unusual construction. I went on a little jag on my Tumblr on some great non-european pants constructions, definitely on the short list for new projects. 
And I don't normally post my WAYWT's here but I wore my jumpsuit to class on Monday to give the kids some jumpsuit-spiration. They're really working hard, getting things real fast, I'm proud of them. Can't wait to see their finished projects! Also pleased that the jumpsuit is super comfy and cool, might actually make it into my regular rotation. 

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  1. This is so cool! You could make slippers from woolen jumpers that got felted and ruined in the washing machine.

    I made Roman sandals once out of cardboard and string at Bible club (shh, I was 8 years old and Bible club let you play with glitter), but now I know you can make your own shoes I may just have to go wrap my foot in cling film and tape.