Moving In

So I'm moved into my new studio! And it's bigger than my old one, which is fantastic. The unfortunate thing it, not knowing what kind of space I was moving into, I donated a whole lot of my old work and materials. So if you live in Philadelphia, check out Philly Aids Thrift, you might pick up some of my old work for very, very cheap. 
So it's looking a little empty right now. I need to rehang my design wall for the Dear Jane, but I donated the fabric it was made from. As an added bonus, the previous tenants left me this ironing board! No more ironing on my desk on some canvas. 

My closet is so big! I had those little half-size closets in the old place. I feel so luxurious. We've got a linen closet and a hall clothes closet too. And a great kitchen. So while moving with no notice really stunk, at least I'm liking the new place. 

Whipped up a quick shirt with my new 'Hawaiian' shirt pattern. Something about the facing is not quite right though, I need to tweak it. Anyway I made this one in plain white because I'm going to try ice dying with it. I demoed it for my class tonight, and hopefully I should be able to wash it out tomorrow. 
And this mess of stuff will soon become seven white jumpsuits for my students, that's my weekend project. 

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