A Few Finds and Some Terrible Fabric

I generally try not to buy much old trim/ephemera or old embroideries. I'd love to collect them but I just don't have the room and they'd just pile up. Usually it's just old clothes to process (tear apart) and recycle into garments, and maybe something for myself. But I did pick up some neat things today.
Some really amazing old bias tape, in two plaids and a candy stripe. There was also polka dots but I'm not so fond of polka dots. It's still sealed and entire, and I'd really like to use the plaid! The plain muslin skirt facing is actually useful for my work, and the last, I admit...I bought for it's really lovely metallic label. The scalloping itself is kind of beat.
Entirely New!

The other big find was an unfinished piece of tape lace.
It's about half-finished. Sadly it's not really usable for my work, but it's a great reference for different stitches (would have been great to have about a month ago, hah)
I wish I could find this sort of premade lace. In any case, if I try my hand at tape lace again, it'll be a much finer lace.
Little eyelets!

My own tape lace is having some issues. The cheese-cloth like fabric that I was using to back the lace/make the arms ended up being incredibly difficult to work with. It's beautiful (thanks to Diana for gifting it to me!) but it shreds and pulls, and it definitely not made to be a weight-bearing fabric. Oops. At this point, I am going to finish it, and I may replace it at a later date.
It was originally going to be a full sleeve, but it was just not going to happen. Still, I'm okay with it. Many of the historical garments I look at have some pretty strange improvisations or fix ups, it doesn't necessarily harm the integrity of the garment.
Little baby sleeves. On the bright side, the lace merged really nicely with the body of the shirt.

All that said, I am a little ashamed of the hot mess left on the inside. I've always been pretty proud of the neatness of my insides (one the difference, I contend, between costume and clothing) but holy crow this fabric did not cooperate. And I don't want to add even more bulk by covering it. Agh.

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  1. WOWIE! I was really excited to see this lace turned into something and the wait was really worth it. Also, your old lace find is pretty great.