Horns in Progress

The head piece is progressing!
One half has both the corduroy and the metallic threads couched down, it just needs some lining and finishing. The other I'm just starting to lay down the metallic threads.
It is very hard to get a decent picture of the metallic effect, but I'm really happy with it. Because of the raised nature of the corduroy, depending on the angle, the metallic threads appear and disappear.
Annnd because of the snow, it's been completely dead at work, so I have some time again to draw. I was thinking a bit about what to do with that strange lining tunic from I. Goldburg, and I wanted to sketch out with these horns plus the knitted under-helmet.

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  1. I love the way the bias corduroy looks! From the pictures it has a deco beaded effect. At the very least it's given me something to reconsider as we dwindle down our wintery fabrics at the store I work at...