Some Finished Pieces, Some New Starts

The lace shirt is all finished. I'm still iffy on the finishing of that stupid cheesecloth, but the rest I'm happy with. Wish I still had a dress form to put it on...

The woven vest/jacket's pockets are lined and installed.

I confronted my fears about sock making, and was pleasantly surprised to get through these two with relatively little trouble. I think I messed up on the toe decreases a little, but in theory I'm understanding how the gusset/heel flap work.
I've wanted to work with corduroy for a while, it's a fabric with the sort of strength and familarity that I like, but I always felt like I had to transform it a little bit, it was a little too recognizable, I guess? Anyway, I cut a pair of pants down into bias strips, and I loved how it suddenly turned into something like a cord.
It's starting to turn into this, which will be a sort of head-band that goes over a hat/coif sort thing, probably a knitted one. I'm couching down some yarn, then sewing the 'cord' over it to give it some dimensionality.

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