Tiny Things

I didn't make any specific New Year's resolutions, but with the holidays far behind, I'm resolved to focus back on my work, and back on updating more frequently. Just in general. Also drawing more and cooking more rounded dinners. So I guess there was a few little things.

Working on some physical little things as well. My poor woven vest has been languishing sans-pockets for a while now. After the tough going with that tape lace, I figured some tiny, quick little pieces might be a good thing, so I set to work on some pockets. Instead of making a matched set, I like the idea of completely different ones, perhaps given by different people. They're almost like little badges that way, marking connections or events. This character's clothing is a little more piecemeal in general, for two reasons. The House of Horns is the house of orphans and clergy, so their clothing is bound to be a little less ornamental, and even further recycled than other house. She's also an outsider, recently taken in, so the clothing is going to be a sort of donated mish mash.
The knit one I didn't get an in-progress of, unfortuately, but you can see the patchwork one taking form. It was worked on 0 or 00 (I'm not sure, they were not marked?) needles with one strand of three-strand crewel or rug yarn. I would love to get even finer, if I can find a finer wool to work with. Lace weight wool tends to be sort of fuzzy and doesn't come in great colors. Any ideas?
And now pieced! It's a traditional 'snail trail' pattern, which I think looks like a variation of several older 'ram's horn' patterns. The beautiful silks used in this were gifted to me from my studiomate Astrid who dyed them. I used three shades of blue and a pale green. I'm not sure how tiny those seams are, but I think they are just shy of 1/8th.

And here it is bound and quilted. I love how this silk feels when quilted, would love to work with a whole garment of it. The variations of blues are also really nice.
You can see from the back of the knit one that there are a *lot* of ends--this is due to using (reusing) those short lengths of wool pre cut in embroidery kits. I was working with wool only about a yard long. So lots of joining. I'll probably line it as well so it's not so messy inside.

I think the next project I'll be moving onto is a hat/headpiece. I've been posting some 'hat-spiration' over at my tumblr, here's some of the key objects I'm looking at.

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  1. Damn. That's all I can say. I was already thinking "Holy shit, she's crazy" for doing that fair-isle on zero/double zeros, but then I read the part where it was all little yard long pieces....all I can say- damn. You're work always blows my mind.